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Welcome to Forex Made Ezee!

The world of Forex is an amazing opportunity of earnings potential for those willing to take the time to learn how it operates and how to place profitable trades within it.

There are a couple of things you need to realize and put to memory before you get glazed eyes at the possibilities, however.

  • First of all, remember that this is an education into an area you may not have had any experience in before.  Like all things in life you must learn to crawl, even master sitting up or rolling from one side of your crib to another, before you can run.  It is very important that patience with slow and steady progress becomes your mantra right now.  This will also serve you well when you start to trade Forex and throughout your career.  It is much better to go through a section in this course one at a time, and go back over them several times, until you really understand all of the elements in the section before you jump ahead.  Build upon a solid foundation of patience and understanding and you won’t find your tower of success crumbling down the road when it is harder to fix!
  • Secondly, don’t try to “go it alone”!  We are here to help you; to answer your questions, analyze potential trade set-ups and support you when things don’t quite work out right.  You’ll find us via email, and you’ll also find us and other professional traders and students mingling in our Chat Room.  More about this in a minute.

In case you are not familiar with Serene Education, let us tell you a bit about our structure.

If you think about it, your Forex education needs a “university”; an overall institution of learning with support, multiple classes and ongoing interaction with other students and “faculty”, much like any college education.

Serene Education is your Forex academy…your “university” offering education for rewarding potential. Serene Education is the overall college for your higher learning. Like any college, we have many departments and campuses. While Serene Education’s main campus is found at sereneeducation.com the “campuses” you’ll undoubtedly spend the most time in will undoubtedly be this site and the VIP Traders Lounge.  As you progress in your Forex education we’ll introduce you to others.

So let’s get started in two easy steps:

Step 1: 

Across the top of this page you’ll see several tabs.  Your materials for Forex Made Ezee are all found under the Forex Made Ezee Homestudy Course tab.  You can go there to access all of the videos for the course along with your Forex Made Ezee manual.  Download the manual first and save it to your desktop or even print it out for reference as you go through the lessons.  Then simply click on a link for the various lessons and corresponding support material, tutorials and other downloads you’ll want on your computer.

Step 2: 

Go to http://www.sereneeducation.com/become-vip-member/ This is where you’ll find the support Serene Education is famous for, and three months of membership is included in your Forex Made Ezee course.   Use your coupon code provided with your purchase to register your account.  Once in you’ll find many things you’ll want to take advantage of as a student:

  • The Chat Room– This is like any student “commons” where faculty and students hang out to discuss ideas, run theories or trades by one another and get the informal guidance of the professional traders.  There is generally some sort of discussion going on at any time and you are encouraged to join in, ask your questions or just listen to conversations.
  • Traders Bloopers– The hallowed halls of traders and trades gone wild!  Under the Bloopers section you’ll find where other students have courageously posted “whoops” so that we all can learn from them, and where a professional trader has demonstrated what went wrong.  Check this out – you can learn a lot!
  • Live Trade Analysis–Almost every morning Nikki & Chris will start your day off right with an analysis of how the markets are shaping up for the day, what to look for and what to watch out for, over multiple time frames for multiple currency pairs.  Don’t start your day without watching the video analysis!
  • Ongoing Curriculum–You will find a tab called “Products and Information”.  This is much like a course catalog.  FOREX Made Ezee is our “101” course.  You’ll make money with it, you’ll understand Forex and what many of the elements of a trader’s chart need to be considered before you place your trade.  Like any college, however, your Master’s degree is obtained with further education and course offerings are found in this section.  You’ll hear more about this down the road when you have graduated from FOREX Made Ezee, and at that time the choice to continue will be your own.

But right now we’re sure you are excited to look at the educational materials found in this package and begin  your new adventure…so let’s get started!

Don’t forget that if you have any questions you have several ways of contacting us; the Chat Room on the Serene Education site, or for more private correspondence you can always use the “Contact Us” tab.

And here is what you can expect in coming days!

  1. A Quickly Established Understanding of the Forex Market, and how you can capture your profits in the world’s largest market!
  2. In 16 days (one day past the guarantee period) for those who stick with us we’ll email to you access to your bonus lesson, our famous “Currency Correlation Strategy” – how to TRIPLE your profitable trades!
  3. At the end of 30 days we have a special surprise for you…one you won’t want to miss!

So get going – You have lots to do!


Chris and Nikki Blandin de Chalain, Directors
Serene Education


PS.  Did we say welcome and how pleased we are to have you with us?  We look forward to working with you, expanding your financial horizons and enjoying conversations in the Chat Room.  Welcome to Serene Education!