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Serene Education’s Pro Support

Despite the fact that Forex trading is an individual endeavor for most, with millions of people sitting alone at their computers each day, no one should ever “go it alone”.  There are always different ways of looking at the charts, ideas and trades to be passed around and input from others is always enriching.

We at Serene Education realize that knowledge is valuable, but supported knowledge is even more valuable.  It is the quickest way for traders to become more successful.  That is why we pride ourselves on offering you access to the best and most easily accessible platform for connecting you to professional traders and other students, the Serene Education VIP Traders Lounge.



Imagine the power in your trading when:

  •      You have personal access to professional traders who are more than willing to walk you through    your trading decisions!
  •      Direct email access to the owners of your Forex educational center – who are pro traders themselves!
  •      The “chat room” for students and pro’s alike, whether for discussing up to the minute price actions or for keeping your mind in the game after a losing trade!
  •      Confidence in knowing that the education passed along to you is not “pie in the sky” concepts, but the same knowledge and strategies used by professional traders every day!

We keep our ears to the ground and our finger on the pulse of the Forex community.  No one else offers the depth of support you as a trader will find at Serene Education, no one!

Let us be your coach, mentor and support team in your Forex trading!

We’ve personally lived and traded without support.  It’s

not fun or easy…figuring out how Forex works, wondering

why a trade that looked like a “sure thing” went the wrong

direction.  No one was there to offer us help or advice

when we first got starting trading.


That’s why when we started Serene Education our focus

became you and giving you everything you need to

be successful, whether you are a novice or pro.

?  Got a trade that went wrong?  Let us give you a video analysis of what happened so it doesn’t happen to you again!

?  Have a question about the training materials, software downloads or just want to discuss a topic you’re not quite sure about?  Just ask!

?  Wonder what the pro’s are seeing as they look at the charts first thing in the morning?  Catch our Live Trade Analysis!

?  Know anyone else who does all of this…AND MORE?!

It’s all here, waiting for you to help you trade like a pro – right from the start.  Just email support@sereneeducation.com