About Us

Welcome to Serene Education and Your Forex Made Ezee course!

If you are considering or taking the Forex Made Ezee course you have discovered one of the most unique Forex education and trading support groups you will ever find.

Serene Education is the brainchild of Chris and Nikki de Chalain, professional traders themselves.  It exists solely to support you as you begin your Forex education and trading, and offers ongoing support to novices and professional traders alike.

Since its conception just a few short years ago, Serene Education has grown into a well-recognized Forex education center with unprecedented support.  What makes it so unique is the access beginning traders have to professionals, all of the way to the top founders.  Answers to your questions are always just an email away at support@sereneeducation.com.

Nikki and Chris look at Forex trading as an ongoing journey that doesn’t end with your first trade.  There are always new ways to look at trades and new strategies to learn that add to the probability of profitable trading.  At the same time, Forex traders make up a community of unique individuals who can all profit from the insights and experiences of others.  To that end they’ve devised one of the most complete and beneficial platforms for all Forex traders, all under the umbrella of Serene Education.

Serene Education is divided into two parts; educational courses and support.  A quick look at the chart below will help you familiarize the total experience waiting for you.

Nikki and Chris were at one time not too long ago in the same position you probably find yourself in today, wanting to learn about and start taking advantage of the financial potential of the Forex market.  At that time however, there was a lack of cohesive education and support and so they had to figure everything out on their own, one trade at a time.

During their own journey they became quickly profitable traders, but realized there was a need for “A-Z” education in Forex and ongoing support for traders.  The result?  Welcome to Serene Education and Forex Made Ezee – your support and Forex education center; because they only want you to trade like a pro, right from the start!

If at any time you have questions about the course, concepts covered, have questions about your own trades or anything else, we invite you to email us at support@sereneeducation.com.  Serene Education isn’t about us, it’s all about you being the best trader you can be!